Friday, May 18, 2012

Loving what is...

I spent today enjoying the beauty of Mount Tamalpais, just north of the city of San Francisco.  This week, I wanted to share with you a reverie on how loving what we love grows us into the fullest expression of ourselves.  This is the heart of Somatic Learning ® - how gratefulness expresses itself in our fruitfulness. There is no act of will necessary to grow into what we yearn to become.  This is our flowering of our longing into loving, as a plant’s yearning for the light shapes its growth, whether we need to relax out of a stress response or dissolve a pattern of tension that has lived in us as chronic pain.

By opening ourselves to loving what is, we begin to engage the self-sensing, self-organizing, and self-renewing capacities of the natural wisdom of our Somatic Intelligence.

Also!  I want to invite you to send your questions, as I will begin answering one of them every week.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little love letter to yourself...

On my last trip to the big island of Hawaii, I stayed in a wonderful space akin to a tree house, and woke up each morning to the sound of the birds at sunrise.  Each time I would listen to their jubilant song, I felt an overflowing sense of gratefulness.  I want to play a recording we made of them to share with you now...

As you listen to the bird songs for the next few minutes, see what happens when you relax the doing, and open yourself to let the sound play through you.  What happens when you stop doing and begin savoring?  You can experiment practicing with your eyes open or closed, and see what difference it makes when you open them.  If you find you lose the sense of spaciousness in the looking, close your eyes again and invite the horizon through them, then slowly open them again.

What if  we could receive everything as such a gift?  Would we not ride the waves of joy and interest throughout our days?

You can replay this whenever you want to enjoy a moment of somatic meditation.  If you download it onto your phone, it can serve as an invitation to presence spaciousness even between small breaks, like between emails or phone calls, like a little lover letter you send to remember when you get busy, that this very moment the universe is offering itself to you as a gift.


Click here to download the bird songs.